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When it comes to maximizing a client issue with a targeted approach, messaging is key. Once we establish a plan to approach, we have the most powerful and accurate way to communicate. The lines of communication can be open through multiple ways, including in the media, utilizing earned media, social media and often direct communications with our client’s targets. 


An important part of client services is advocacy efforts to make the best first and last impression on our targets. When we create an advocacy group or partner with appropriate organizations, the message enhances the voice for our client’s efforts and can be very effective for our client’s needs. The more people communicating the same message is helpful for client relations and ultimately a positive end result.


A strong suit at Care-Comm includes collaboration with third-party advocates. Based on our client’s needs, we connect with appropriate groups who can help advocate on our client’s issue or issues. More often than not, third party organizations or individuals can be extremely effective to help relay the best message. Working with others to collaborate strongly provides success for our clients.

How do you tell your story?

Story telling is our thing. We do what makes the most sense for our clients in order to get the best results possible. Care-Comm is a Florida-based professional public relations organization created to reach the public or elected officials with our clients important messaging. We have great relationships with the media, the state legislature, third party organizations and beyond. Let us help you meet your needs!

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