Care-Comm, LLC is a Florida-based strategic communications and consulting firm designed to tailor to client public relations needs year-round. With more than 17 years of experience in communications, government policy and politics, Care-Comm can assist with crisis communications, everyday community relations, grassroots and grasstops efforts, as well as manage social media platforms and more.

We identify clients' specific needs to connect with the community and make it happen.

We have experience working with many statewide associations, state and local organizations and tailored community outreach. This has proven to push client’s messages to targets, whether those are lawmakers (local and statewide) or to advocate for overall public approval.

Additionally, Care-Comm has vast resources in connecting with media statewide. This could include press conferences, press releases, earned media, reporter outreach and social media. We are an all-encompassing public relations firm that fearlessly works to meet or exceed the clients' needs and expectations.

Communication is the very foundation of human interaction. It’s a powerhouse when put in the right direction along with the right messaging. Care-Comm understands the idealistic nature of how important it is to make issues matter and put them in front of the right people. Empowering the right message with the appropriate tone and cohesiveness is our strong suit.

Meet Carrie Patrick


Carrie Patrick has more than 17 years of experience in the communications, policy, legislative, state executive government and private industry arenas. She has managed multiple state and federal public relations campaigns, leading multi-year efforts designed to influence public opinions and policies. These client accounts include leadership roles for crisis communications, earned and social media, public speaking and media training to name a few.

Carrie has worked for various clients to promote legislation on a wide range of issues. Prior to this private sector experience, she was the Director of Legislative Affairs for the Florida Department of the Lottery where she communicated legislative and budget initiatives to the Legislature critical to funding Florida’s education system. She was involved in all aspects of the agency’s state contracts and state reporting requirements in addition to working to maximize the profits for education.

Additionally, Carrie has worked for a private company promoting federal and state legislation in the U.S., Europe and Canada. The bulk of Carrie’s policy and public affairs experience derived from her time working for Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Charlie Crist developing and influencing legislative and budget decisions for the state of Florida. Carrie has also worked for gubernatorial and presidential campaigns such as Bush-Brogan 2002 and Bush-Cheney 2004.

Carrie has a Masters degree in Applied American Politics and Policy, a Bachelor of Science in Communications, as well as a minor in Political Science from Florida State University.

Carrie was born in Miami and grew up in Weston, Florida until she went to Florida State University to obtain multiple degrees and start her career. Carrie is a family woman, happily married with two young boys and two fur babies. She creates for clients and supports her family as a priority.